Designed by Boss Design

An exciting fusion of elegant design, premium upholstery and attention to detail, Marnie is a lounge chair collection which embodies luxury and style. This understated collection features a high and low back arm chair, with its full body and angular back shape lending itself perfectly to versatile upholstery.

Marnie's exceptional level of comfort and considered proportions makes it the ideal choice for breakout and reception areas, as well as hospitality lounges.

Grab to Zoom

Marnie Blue High Elevation Marnie Medium Marnie Blue Detail Marnie Front Marnie 3 Marnie 3 Marnie Lowback Front Marnie Lowback 3QR Marnie Grey CU Marnie Grey Marnie G1 Marnie Grey 3 Marnie G2 Marnie HB Wood back Marnie HB Woodfront wire Marnie HB Wood front side Marnie HB Woodside Wire Marnie LB Cream wood Marnie LB Wirebase front Marnie LB wirebase side Marnie LB Wooden back side